South Sudan Conflict Early Warning and Early Response Unit has created four organs that manages data and operation, which facilitate data collection and analysis.

1. The South Sudan CEWERU Steering Committee

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This is headed by the CEWERU Chairperson of South Sudan Peace and Reconciliation Commission. This is an engine of the unit. It runs the system by organizing, coordinating and connecting the unit with other institutions. It monitors the work of Situation Room, National Research Institutes and Field Officers.

2. The Situation Room

This is an organ of CEWERU that receives and stores data.

3. National Research Institutes (NRI)

This organ is tasked with analysing conflict data and making it ready for response institutions to act. They receive data from the situation room, analyse it and share for response.

4. Field Officers

Since CEWERU depends on conflict data from the field, this unit has become the back bone of CEWERU. It collects data and sends it back to the Situation Room.